Wears, Drips, Cuts


16.4. – 4.5.2008


Gallery Katariina
Kalevankatu 16
00100 Helsinki


Press Release


Kulumia, valumia, viiltoja / Slitningar, rinningar, skärningar / Wears, Drips, Cuts

Intuition and joy of discovery are essential in artistic practic to sculptor Riikka Mäkikoskela. Her sculptures often evolve in the process of making. Wears, drips and cuts are slowly contemplated and worked by hand. They got their final form when putting up the exhibition, in relation to the exhibition space.

Mäkikoskela is evidently interested in tangible experiences and conceptuality as well as three dimensionalty and pictoriality. The basis of her artistic practice is cultural, as the world of human beings tend to be. I can see her works as scenes of life: the marks that we have left behind and marks of forthcoming scenes. Thoughts, different times and acts encounter presently.

Ponderings about becoming an adult, relationships, difficulties to live together, understanding and forgetting the others and self and interpreting the traditions are made of wood, mud, marks on yoga mat, liquorice flavored candy lace, feathers, winter jacket, doll’s trousers and shoes, glue and stitches. What is real and what imagined?

The art works of Wears, Drips, Cuts examine insightfully, discreetly and positively their target: the life


Hannele Nyman

näyttelysihteeri / utställningssekreterare / Exhibition Coordinator

Helsinki Artists’ Association