Artist’s Statement

The basis of my artistic working is sculpture as a cultural practice. My approach is material and spatial but materiality and conceptuality combine when I am working. For me, the choice of working material and the ways in which I work on it are significant as both have cultural implications. As such, my use of media is wide-ranging: from the traditional materials of sculpture to the basic substances of everyday life. Tactile engagement with these materials is paramount. I enjoy working by hand and responding to the embodied and reciprocal collaboration with several materials.

Through my visual art practice, I ponder the world shaped by people. The perspective is mine but I am always surrounded by others. My themes are the mixing of human and non-human, material meanings and concepts, human relationships, empathy, compassion, seeing one’s self and forgetting it, and interpretation of tradition. I pursue my works of art towards happenings, so that the works exist and happen in relation to the maker’s and viewer’s body and that the works receive their final forms in presentation mode. My works of art are scenes of life. In them, memories, thoughts and acts confront each other in the present moment. I feel that I can express my experiences of the spherical life the most naturally as three-dimensional works of art. Therefore, I am a sculptor.